Hmong New Year

 New Year Celebration

Hmong New Year is a cultural and educational event that the Hmong people have been celebrating once a year for thousands and thousands years ago. It is a significant exhibition that display of Hmong aesthetic arts, promote of Hmong cultural heritage, and educate the young people in regard of harmony, unity, and how to become a productive people in the community. In addition to perform of several cultural performances that cultivate the young people through its meaning and values. It is also a special occasion for Hmong people from different places and diversities to meet and gather to get to know each other, to share their knowledge, wellness, living, and love to each other.

Program Activities:

1.  Culture Show: is to show Hmong culture and present Hmong diverse custom built to reflect their identity and cultural background.

2.  Dance Performance and Dance competition: is an entertainment activity that promotes Hmong dance performance and dance competition to motivate the youths to enhance Hmong cultural dance.

3.  Singing and sing competition: is an entertainment activity that encourages the youths to promote of Hmong singing.

4.  Hmong Arts performance: art performance is an educational display that able to  educate people to become productive citizen through its profound meaning and values. it is the basic fundamental cultivation that lead the young people to become good person. It conveys the meaning and education through voices, music, and performance, and it’s also for communication between two people through its musical performance. The following itemize are arts that HCA will be displayed in art performance.

5.  Hmong Aesthetic Arts: Hmong aesthetic arts are Hmong ancient arts that came up with the Hmong people for thousand and thousand of years ago. some are use for communication, some are vest of life meaningful and value story, and some are represented the identity and background of Hmong people. It conveys the meaning and education through the voices music, and the meaning of the performance.  For example; Hmong Qeej (pipe), Hmong flute, Hmong violin, Hmong harp, Hmong embroidery, Hmong Top (spin), Hmong knife, ancient axe, and Hmong diverse customs built.

6.  Ball Tossing: it’s a cultural performance that establishes the basic friendship between men and women;  especially for single girl, women, and single men among the youths.

7. Pageant Contesting: it is an activity that encourage the girls to present their talent, knowledge, and competence how to become good role model for the youths in the community.

8Prince Contesting: it is an activity that encourage the young men to present their knowledge, talent, and competence how to become a useful person in the community and good role model for the youths.

9Sport Tournament: sport is a physical competitive activity that encourages the youths to improve physical ability and skill by providing entertainment for the participants. It’s also an activity that the youth have the opportunity to join and learn about friendship with diverse and multiple sport teams’ member that join the tournament. The sport activities that HCA will be arranged in this event are soccer game, volleyball, takro (thai sport that play by feet), and etc.

10.  Presentation of Hmong scholars, educators, local agencies, and the local official: HCA has invited Hmong scholars, educators, and honorable guests to educate the Hmong people in regard of how to unite the Hmong people from diverse to come together and how to enhance and embed of harmony in the Hmong community. Furthermore, HCA also invites local official to educate the Hmong people regarding how to adapt to the mainstream culture, society, and how to correlate with the local agencies for assistance.

HCA believes that this event has provided a huge knowledge and experiences for the youths because HCA does invited Hmong scholars, educators, expertise, local officials, agencies, and honorable guests to educate the Hmong people. It’s including the variety of cultural education because there are the basic fundamental cultivation for the youths to become productive citizen.