Hmong Center of Alaska, Inc. has established as a non-profit organization in 2008 in the Hmong community in Anchorage of Alaska. Since 1990 the Hmong-Laos refugees have been immigrated from lower 48 states to Alaska, they have been challenging with language barriers, encountered of domestic violence, family suicidal issue, cultural practice problem, gang involvement, and youth dropout school and early pregnancy etc. In addition, they are lacked of Hmong non-profit organization that provide programs and services to help them and bridge the gap between Hmong people to local official and agencies in Anchorage Alaska. Which is to help the Hmong-Laos people with translating, interpreting, and navigate them the surrounding agencies that carry services they need. That is why HCA has established to volunteer for serving the Hmong community in regard of interpreting and translating to reduce the challenging of language barrier and problematical issues in the Hmong community.

HCA is looking for a grant and financial support to operate and enhance  its program services to serve the Hmong refugee’s community in Anchorage Alaska. If HCA could be able to obtain a grant or supportive fund,  it would be able to operate full services to assist the Hmong-Laos refugees and serve them thoroughly.