Welcome everyone to the Hmong Center of Alaska, Inc.

Hmong Center of Alaska, Inc. is a self-help organization that volunteered to serve the Hmong-Laos refugees who have language barriers regarding translation, interpretation, and other basic need of social services. HCA is able to speak Hmong, Laos, Thai, and English, so we could help you if you have language barrier. HCA also provides the basic resource information that you may need regarding of local official, agencies, and among the Hmong community. Hmong Center of Alaska, Inc. is correlated to several agencies that provide assistance to help you and program services that you may need.

The purpose of Hmong Center of Alaska, Inc. is to promote Hmong cultural heritage, teach Hmong language, preserve Hmong aesthetic arts, cultural practice, traditional performances, to establish of mutual relation with the local official offices and agencies, and to educate the young people in regard of unity, harmony, and educate them how to become productive people in the community.

I would like to welcome all of you  to join Hmong Center of Alaska, Inc. for development and empowerment its capacity to serve the Hmong community. Your participation and support will be a tool that navigate the Hmong community to improve of living and self-sufficiency and it also decreases the challenging and critical issue in the community.

Thank you,

Chang Doua Xiong, President

(907) 331-8439, chang.d.xiong@gmail.com